Posted by: sugarae97 | October 16, 2011

AOW – A “Bright” Idea

Wow…I am astonished. That is such a simple solution. But amazingly, something most people wouldn’t think of!

How water bottles create cheap lighting in Philippines

It’s sad that these people can’t even afford to turn the lights on in their homes while we’re sitting here on our computers. My gosh the things we take for granted…but it’s also very inspiring. These people are living a hard life, but they are working to make it the best they can.

Sometimes you just need a video like that to remember how lucky you are. I personally enjoy hearing about stuff like this. It gives you a new perspective about things. Then you can have a better idea of what normal life is like in some parts of our world. It’s good to know about stuff like this. Because once you know, you can help. You can do something.

There are people, struggling to live day to day. There are others, who don’t even have or can’t afford our every day things like water, food, light, temperature moderation, etc. How can you help? One person thought of a brilliant idea to provide lighting for tons of people living in that area. Imagine what we could accomplish if we all come together.


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