Posted by: sugarae97 | November 5, 2011

AOW Why do some people learn faster than others?

Why Do Some People Learn Faster

This is actually a very interesting artical about some studies of learning techniques. The basic concept of the artical is that we learn from our mistakes. How much we learn though, depends on how we react to them. When you make a mess up, your brain first sends a signal called an EEG. Then right after that you get a Pe signal, which is you lingering on the mistake. You learn more by having a more consistant Pe signal and decifering what you did wrong.

The tests they gave to the 5th graders really surprised me. I found it really interesting that saying one thing like “you’re so smart” vs. “you must have worked really hard on this” would make such a big difference. I would have thought that by telling the kids they were smart they would want to take the harder test and try to do even better. It does make sence though that by doing that after you tell someone they’re smart, they don’t want to fall short of that. And then they continue to persue getting a pat on the back instead of trying to benefit from learning from it.

I’m that way, too though. I seek perfection on my work. I prefer to perform a simpler task and do better than to do something harder and risk getting a bad grade. Luckily I’m one of those people that retains a pretty good amount of information even if I’m not learning from mistakes. I do agree that you learn from mistakes, though. You’ll remember something much longer if you figure something out yourself rather than someone just telling you.


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