Posted by: sugarae97 | November 7, 2011

AOW Hometown Heros – Reliable Transportation for Needy

Reliable Transportation for Needy

This is such a great service to provide for people. It’s nice of a salesperson to put the person’s needs ahead of just making a sale.

There are very many common problems that this man is taking care of with this program. One is car-workers taking advantage of women. Like he had said, his coworkers would sell people old clunkers for real cheap even when the bills and repairs would end up costing them more in the end. My mom always makes my dad go get the car inspected. She says if she went the workers would try and make her get a bunch of pointless upgrades because they think women aren’t as educated about cars.

Another issue was the quality of the car. People seem to think that buying a cheaper car is the way to go. Really, it can end up costing you more than a better quality car to begin with. A car may seem like it would save money because it is cheap, but since it’s cheaply made, it’ll end up eating your money in other areas. For example, a cheap car would have low gas mileage, then you would spend alot more on gas then you would with a car that had higher gas mileage.

The most important issue this man is helping people with though, is their knowledge. He is making them aware of problems like the ones above. Money management is one of the best things you can teach people. It’s somehting you can always use. The value of saving is priceless.


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