Posted by: sugarae97 | November 11, 2011

AOW – Helping Kids Overcome Statistics

Translating Education into Safety

It is very important that children learn the language of the culture they live in. It’s very easy to pick up on a language when you are young, but the older you get the harder it is for you to learn. For example, my friend was adopted from Russia when she was in 4th grade. She didn’t know a word in English and now she is in 8th and is speaking it fluently! Language tutoring is a great opportunity for children who struggle with the common language in their area.

They say the best way to learn a language is to speak it. I think a good idea would be to take this one step farther and tutor the whole family! That way everyone would be experiencing the language at home. Our biggest influences are from friends and family, so what better way to surround yourself with something than share it with the people who are close to you?

I think what this woman is doing is a great service for kids. It’s very difficult to learn and comprehend things when you don’t even understand the language. It’s also an inconvienience just to go out in public and not be able to understand signs. But by tutoring kids’ English skills, the language barrier starts to break down and open up ample oportunities!


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