Posted by: sugarae97 | November 22, 2011

AOW – iPad Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts for the iPad

It’s very nice that Apple has provided all those shortcuts and symbols to use. It makes it easier to use the symbol you want instead of having to figure out what code to enter into a normal computer to get a certain sign. My friends and I also enjoy crafting faces with the keyboard symbols and Apple has given us an even wider variety to experiment with. Ex:

})i({ butterfly

(^.^) kitty

:]——-* froggie caught a fly!

It’s fun to be creative and make pictures! My person favorite symbol is the squiggle ~ I haven’t really found a use for it, but it’s cute!


 I had always wondered why there wasn’t a degrees button or where it was if there was one. Now I found out there is one and how to use it. Before I always just used to use the star * key. For example: It’s 57* right now in Paris. It’s a lot nicer with real degrees button though.


Well there aren’t really any more keys/symbols/shortcuts they need to add. I ‘ve found a lot of new signs I can play around with for a while! Although, I think the “@” sign would be much more convenient if they just added it with the “.com” shortcuts. The automatic period that gets added when you double space also gets rather annoying when I’m trying to create pictures. >:-I Anyhow, the keyboard is very elaborate and has more than I’d ever need anyways.

Merry Christmas!


     ( ‘ > ‘ )

  /(           )\

  (              )


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