Posted by: sugarae97 | November 28, 2011

AOW – Cyber Security

Cyber Security

I chose to read this article because I think cyber security needs improved. I feel this way because I have a social networking account and my friends get hacked very often. Most of the times it’s just people joking around, but sometimes they’ll post some nasty stuff. I also think the security needs improved because of people’s ignorance. They don’t really realise how many people are capable of viewing their information.

One thing that jumped out at me was the fact that people answer their own security questions on their profiles without even realising it! It got me thinking a bit. One of the questions you can pick is “what is the name of your first dog?” I just realised that I’ve shared that with quite a few people recently. I probably should check and make sure that isn’t my security question now.

A lot of the times when my friends get hacked it’s their own fault. Yes, it’s convienient to leave your Facebook page open or save your password to the computer, but remember, now not only is it that much easier for you to get on, but for anyone else besides you, too. Another thing is to keep in mind is picking a strong password. Don’t use your birthday! So many people do that and it is such an easy peice of information to find. Choose something random to help make sure you’re the only one getting on your page!



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