Posted by: sugarae97 | January 26, 2012

AOW – Sharing is Stealing

When is Sharing Stealing

Have you ever thought that the pictures you tweet or post could become famous? Stefanie Gorden had no idea. She was short on sleep and was on a flight when she snapped a picture to tweet to her friends and family. By the time she was to her destination, her phone was overloaded with messages! She had just so happened to take a perfect picture of the space shuttle being launched!

To Stephanie, it was just a picture. She had no idea people would value it so much. Before she knew it, her photo was all over the internet! Even some news stations were paying her so they could legally share it! Did you know that sharing a picture could be plagerism if you don’t give the owner credit? You could get fined for using someone else’s picture for advertisement.

Luckily for the many who shared the picture or were using it for propaganda, Stephanie wasn’t in it for the money. She did have the right to sue, though. The rule is that the person who takes the picture has rights to it. Unless they specifically stated, “share this picture”, or “pass it on”. So next time you take a cool picture, you might want to see if its worth anything before you share it with the world. And be careful what you re-post, you could be stealing something.


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