Posted by: sugarae97 | February 2, 2012

AOW – Writing Tips from Sponge Bob

I had never considered comparing my writing skills to a cartoon character before. Having a Sponge Bob theme made the article much more interesting and easy to relate to. I think most important tip is to not be a Squidward writer. That is one of my biggest challenges. It can be very difficult to make sure your writing content is focused and interesting.

The article was very creative and well written. The author used a thought-provoking question for Squidward writers to think about, “Do you just get the words down on paper or are you finding a fun twist to entertain your audience and keep them coming back for more?” Having a unique way of presenting your topic catches the reader’s attention. To keep the reader’s attention, stay on topic. Don’t throw in distracting thoughts or side comments. If you lose focus in your writing, the reader will, too.

The author made the article relatable by using a common idea like Sponge Bob. Then she took that idea, divided it into categories and asked, “which character are you most like?” Once you identify the character you are like, it’s easier to understand the advice. There’s no right or wrong answer, it’s just where you fit in.

I’ve established the fact that I am a Squidward writer. I need to work on staying on topic, being creative and having a strong plan for my writings.


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