Posted by: sugarae97 | February 29, 2012

AOW – Too Much Practice?

Have you ever been taking a test and there’s just one answer you can’t remember? You think and think, but even though you had everything perfectly memorized last night, there’s that one thing that slips from your mind. That’s why it’s helpful to overpractice things. By repetitively practicing, you can learn things better and hold on to them longer.

The more effort you put into practicing the less effort it will take to perform. Most people will rehearse or go over material until they get it perfect once, but really, that should be the beginning of your practicing session, not the end. If you keep going over what you have already perfected, your brain will register what you’re doing. That way it will become easier and more natural for you later.

By repeating actions over and over again, not only will you understand them better, you will remember them longer. For example, if you are studying vocabulary words until you get them down perfect just once, you will probably do fine on the test. However, if you continue to keep studying until you are consistently going through the words perfectly you will have even better results. Not only will you get a better grade on the test, you won’t stress about it as much, it will take you less time to complete and you’ll retain the information for a longer time (like when your finals come sneak up on you!).

The benefits of overpracticing outweigh the time it takes to overlearn. When you continue to practice something after you’ve perfected it, it becomes a part of your long-term memory. Then it will be easier to perform when you need to and you’ll remember it longer. It might take more time and effort now, but it will be effortless when it comes time to recall the information in the future.


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