Posted by: sugarae97 | March 9, 2012

AOW – Effects of Texting (Readers vs. Texters)

What do you do when you come across a word you were previously unaware of? Learn the definition or ignore it? Most people who text but don’t read on a regular basis will ignore it. The ones who are familiar with literature are more likely to take the time to look it up and even use it if they like the meaning! Texting has affected society by causing people to become lazy in expanding their vocabulary and to be more closed off to new words.

Texting is usually very short, quick and to the point. It’s main use is for conversation. This is part of the reason why texters develop a dislike for new words. People commonly assume texters would be open to new words like they are for acronyms and greetings such as “LOL” or “Sup?”.  Actually, this texting language does quite the opposite. Instead of increasing people’s welcoming to new words, it decreases it. Texting limits you to the words you and the person you’re texting use. You get familiar with the same words and are less open to new ones.

Reading, on the other hand, opens you up to new worlds of vocabulary. Every author is different and uses different words. Unlike texting, authors take time to carefully construct whatever it is they are writing to show off their skill and sound more knowledgable. Readers are exposed to a much more elaborate span of words than texters are. Naturally, the readers are more open to new vocabulary just because the words enrich the story they are reading.

Texting has a purpose in our lives, it provides a form of communication. But if you want to enrich your vocabulary, sit down, relax and enjoy a good book. Practice balancing the two and participating in both!


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