Posted by: sugarae97 | March 23, 2012

AOW – Textbooks Becoming Dust

The world continues to collect and record information and textbooks are getting fatter and fatter with new discoveries. Is there a way to shrink textbooks? Technological advancements have addressed this problem, and the solution lies in the smart tablet. Smart devices will help learning because they are more thorough, convenient and up-to-date than textbooks.

Textbooks have been very useful tools in classrooms, but technology could be more beneficial. It’s always been a challenge to keep textbooks up-to-date, but by using smart tablets you can frequently update information. Textbooks are limited to the printed pages of the publication, whereas electronic devices can connect to megabytes of knowledge.

Some common problems that occur with textbooks can be easily fixed by using smart tablets. For example, if a class is reading together and a student is missing a page from a textbook, he or she have to share with another student. Another problem is vandalism. It can be very difficult for some students to focus if there are drawings or comments written on the pages. The weight of a textbook alone is an issue for today’s students. Textbooks from four core subjects can add up to 25 lbs of weight that a student has to carry.

A smart tablet, on the other hand, has eliminated some of these issues and has even more to offer. If a student comes upon a word they don’t know while reading a textbook, they can check the glossary, but if it’s not in there they probably won’t bother to look up the meaning. Whereas, a student reading from a smart tablet could just select the word they don’t know, click and be given the definition, thus furthering their learning and understanding. The simplicity of downloading information keeps a smart tablet up-to-date. Students can have the most recent revisions at their fingertips and for all core subjects on one tablet. The average smart device is smaller than a notebook and weighs less than three pounds, significantly reducing that big stack of books.

Although the transition from textbooks to tablets may be rough at first, the positives will overcome the negatives. It takes time for people to get used to technological advancements, but the convenience will eventually replace their reluctance to adapt.



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