Posted by: sugarae97 | April 6, 2012

AOW – Environmental Awareness

Imagine waking up in a tent in the morning.  You step outside to see a pink sun rising through the cool, crisp, air making your nose tingle.  All you are aware of is the beauty of nature and your surrounding environment.  But unfortunately, the majority of today’s teens have not had this experience. In fact, school-aged children are less environmentally aware than older generations.

Though generations, the effort put into helping the environment has significantly decreased.  Statistics show that the largest decrease, at 7%, has occurred in the last 10 years.  One reason that could have contributed to this drop is the selfish attitude of getting what we want when we want it.  People of the millennial generation are not willing to give up their conveniences and make the effort to do something.  For example, if you are hungry, you get in the car and drive to a fast food restaurant.  This generates excess waste from fast food wrappers and the burning of fuel, all for the sake of immediate satisfaction.  No thought to the impact made on the environment was even considered while performing this action.

Another reason for this lack of awareness is the lack of connection with the outdoors.  People of this generation rarely choose to spend time outside.  Nowadays, “a lot of these students have very little experience with the unpaved world,” states Beth Christensen, a professor at Adelphi University on New York’s Long Island.  We are so dependant upon our climate-controlled environment that we’ve lost touch with the beauty of nature.  Even the slightest discomfort from the outdoor elements send us running back inside.

School-aged children are definitely more unaware of their impact on the environment.  Lifestyles of selfishness, comfort and convenience are the main factors that have contributed to their unawareness.  How can we make this generation more aware? There is no simple solution, but the problem needs to be addressed before the impact is too significant to reverse.



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