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AOW – Does Talent Matter?

It’s proven that people who have natural gifts and talents in certain areas don’t have to put in as much effort to be successful in that area. They probably don’t get as much out of their triumphs, though. When you work hard for something and it pays off, you’re proud of yourself. If it’s too easy for you, you won’t get the same feeling of satisfaction. Although you may not be the best without natural talent, practice is more important than talent.

Just because you don’t have a God-given gift for something doesn’t mean you can’t be good at it. If you have a passion for something then you should pursue it, whether or not it comes easily to you. With focus, practice and perseverance, you can accomplish just about anything you set your mind to. Just remember, you can only get as much out of something as you put into it.

Having a special talent that you’re good at doesn’t mean you’re going to enjoy it. Don’t pour your life into something you don’t have any interest in. Instead, you should allow yourself some time to explore other activities. Once you find something you really enjoy, you can devote yourself to that. It’s important to like what you do. It’s hard to find happiness in something when you don’t want to do it.

Practice is more important than talent. Talent can limit you specifically to what you’re good at, but practice and perseverance can allow you to achieve anything you put your mind to.

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AOW – Writing Tips from Sponge Bob

I had never considered comparing my writing skills to a cartoon character before. Having a Sponge Bob theme made the article much more interesting and easy to relate to. I think most important tip is to not be a Squidward writer. That is one of my biggest challenges. It can be very difficult to make sure your writing content is focused and interesting.

The article was very creative and well written. The author used a thought-provoking question for Squidward writers to think about, “Do you just get the words down on paper or are you finding a fun twist to entertain your audience and keep them coming back for more?” Having a unique way of presenting your topic catches the reader’s attention. To keep the reader’s attention, stay on topic. Don’t throw in distracting thoughts or side comments. If you lose focus in your writing, the reader will, too.

The author made the article relatable by using a common idea like Sponge Bob. Then she took that idea, divided it into categories and asked, “which character are you most like?” Once you identify the character you are like, it’s easier to understand the advice. There’s no right or wrong answer, it’s just where you fit in.

I’ve established the fact that I am a Squidward writer. I need to work on staying on topic, being creative and having a strong plan for my writings.

Posted by: sugarae97 | January 26, 2012

AOW – Sharing is Stealing

When is Sharing Stealing

Have you ever thought that the pictures you tweet or post could become famous? Stefanie Gorden had no idea. She was short on sleep and was on a flight when she snapped a picture to tweet to her friends and family. By the time she was to her destination, her phone was overloaded with messages! She had just so happened to take a perfect picture of the space shuttle being launched!

To Stephanie, it was just a picture. She had no idea people would value it so much. Before she knew it, her photo was all over the internet! Even some news stations were paying her so they could legally share it! Did you know that sharing a picture could be plagerism if you don’t give the owner credit? You could get fined for using someone else’s picture for advertisement.

Luckily for the many who shared the picture or were using it for propaganda, Stephanie wasn’t in it for the money. She did have the right to sue, though. The rule is that the person who takes the picture has rights to it. Unless they specifically stated, “share this picture”, or “pass it on”. So next time you take a cool picture, you might want to see if its worth anything before you share it with the world. And be careful what you re-post, you could be stealing something.

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Character Traits

No. Not all character traits are good, but if they were the world would be a much better place. The traits that make it bad are selfishness, greed, rudeness and dishonesty. But no one can be perfect, these are the things that make us human.

Posted by: sugarae97 | January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

Have you made a new years resolution? It’s not to late to start now! Did you know that less than 10% of people actually keep their resolution the whole year? There are a few reasons why.


First of all, people give up way to many things to keep up with. If you decide you’re gonna do this, this, this, this, and this, you’re gonna forget some of it. Choose one thing or just a few that are important to you. People make resolutions sometimes that aren’t very important to them, so they end up not keeping them. If it’s not something that is important to you, it won’t be a high priority.


Another reason people dont keep their resolutions is because they are vague or unreasonable. People say they want to loose weight, but they never do because it isn’t specific enough. To be able to keep your new years resolution, you need to be willing to do it. Make it your priority. Your resolution should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely so you can reach your goal. That is an acronym for smart 🙂

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Smart Goal for STAAR Benchmark

On the benchmark next week my goal is to make a 90%. In order to make this grade, I will come prepared by getting fully rested the night before and bringing the supplies I need.

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Reading Goal

Last year I read


20 books.

So far, this school year I have read


6 books.

By the end of the year, my goal is to read a total of


15 books.

Posted by: sugarae97 | December 13, 2011

Hero Essay

When people think about a hero, some imagine a big, muscular man in a cape like Mr. Incredible. Others think of the more obvious ones; military, firefighters or policemen. In reality, anyone can be a hero. A hero is someone who takes risks, puts others before themselves and is selfless.

To be a hero, you have to take a risk and do something out of your comfort zone. Taking a risk is doing something you are unsure of with hope that it will turn out in your favor. When you take a risk, it opens more opportunities and choices. When you take a risk, you are showing character for venturing into the unknown. Even if things do not turn out in your favor, you will know in your heart that you tried and become wiser from the experience.

Heroes are selfless. A hero is not someone who makes choices based on how it will benefit them.  A hero doesn’t do things for recognition. True heroes don’t even consider themselves heroes! Someone who tried to help someone just so they could get attention would not be a hero. Heroes don’t have ulterior  motives, they do things for the good of others.

Heroes don’t worry about what they are risking, they just act in the hope of helping others. In a hero’s mind, they are second and everyone else is first priority. Firefighters are heroes. Every time they race into a burning building they are risking their lives. Not only that, they give up their time and work long hours just in case they are needed.

So who are the true heroes? Military, firemen and policemen? Yes. Everyday people stepping out of their comfort zone? Yes. A little boy was getting teased by some of the bigger boys in his class. He tried to defend himself, but it was no use. Finally, one boy who was siting nearby came over. He told the other boys to leave him alone. He put his reputation at risk, put defending the little boy before himself and did it selflessly.  That boy is the hero.

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AOW – Cyber Security

Cyber Security

I chose to read this article because I think cyber security needs improved. I feel this way because I have a social networking account and my friends get hacked very often. Most of the times it’s just people joking around, but sometimes they’ll post some nasty stuff. I also think the security needs improved because of people’s ignorance. They don’t really realise how many people are capable of viewing their information.

One thing that jumped out at me was the fact that people answer their own security questions on their profiles without even realising it! It got me thinking a bit. One of the questions you can pick is “what is the name of your first dog?” I just realised that I’ve shared that with quite a few people recently. I probably should check and make sure that isn’t my security question now.

A lot of the times when my friends get hacked it’s their own fault. Yes, it’s convienient to leave your Facebook page open or save your password to the computer, but remember, now not only is it that much easier for you to get on, but for anyone else besides you, too. Another thing is to keep in mind is picking a strong password. Don’t use your birthday! So many people do that and it is such an easy peice of information to find. Choose something random to help make sure you’re the only one getting on your page!


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AOW – Time Management Ninja

I chose this article out of the blog for two reasons. First, because I’ve been wanting to get ahead on my school work but I keep procrastinating for no reason. Second, my mom is making me do it now so I’m trying to find motivation. I read a few of the other articles on the blog, too. They were quite interesting, it’s a pretty cool site.

I found a lot of the tips they gave interesting. At first getting up early didn’t sound like a good thing because you would be over tired, but getting up an extra 30 minutes early really wouldn’t hurt you that much. You’d probably get more out the extra 30 minutes awake than asleep anyways. It just gives you more time to be prepared. Arriving early sounds like a good idea, too for similar reasons. I hadn’t really considered how it could also open more opportunities, but it makes a good impression, too.

The last few things I liked were “Know Your Tasks”, “Be Decisive” and “Take Action”. I like to write down what I need to do, then mentally put my priorities in order and do them. I’ve found that being organized is a huge help with homework and classwork. The best thing for me is writing my assignments down. That way, even if my papers are a little messy and not in my homework folder, I still know what I need to get done.

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